In a constantly changing world where thousands of new products created and marketed every year with most claiming that their product is the best and the most potent, the consumer needs reassurance and proofing of the product before they spend their hard-earned cash.

Cosmetics Reviews

We buy and test cosmetic products and offer our most hounest and comprehensive opinion to your attention. Some of the reviews maybe raving about the product other products on contrary may have very poor ratings and unsatisfactory results.

Facial cream Rviews

Beauty Reviews

The site offers a wide range of reviews in the beauty industry too. Here we will look into makeup and other beauty related products from teeth whitening, hair removal to beauty gadgets.Of course, we will try to review most thought after products in the vast ocean of makeup products and report back to you our fundings.

Fashion Reviews

We are also a very keen fashion enthusiast and will follow latest fashion industry news and trends. What to wear to important occasions formal and informal events, dates and an everyday office looks.

Financial Services Product Reviews

Yes, we will review even financial services products. Why, would you ask? Well, while our blog is mainly geared towards fashion and beauty, we realised that modern women are getting finance savvier with a lot of us opening and running a business.  There is an ever-growing need for further financial education.  We decided to talk about the other side of the fashion and beauty business the money – how to make or save it.